In 2009, Our company started to operate in the field of foreign trade under the name of BAYEKS GIDA SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. In 2014, it continues its commercial activities as BAYEKS AGRO GIDA SAN ve TİC A.Ş with gained new momentum

Our company, which attaches great importance to corporate governance and takes into account the importance of institutionalization in world trade; has become an effective organization in the fields of supply, production, storage and trade with an honest, visionary and hard-working perspective the Middle East and the North African region (MENA) by making the necessary infrastructure arrangements quickly and properly.

– Understanding of operational excellence,

– Effective risk management,

– Unconditional customer satisfaction,

– With its expert and dynamic human resources;

In order to increase its exports in the competitive world market, BAYEKS AGRO GIDA SAN ve TİC A.Ş. has made great strides towards becoming a continuously rising company. Our company shows it is a reliable supplier company with a wide product range approximately 180 products which keeps supply chain in pulses, cereals, nuts and dried fruits, feed, oilseeds, olive oil and edible nuts, sesame, tahina, pickle etc.

BAYEKS AGRO GIDA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. has became a brand by its international transit trade and direct export with Middle East and North African(MENA) region with its headquarters in Gaziantep, Mersin and Hatay.


To be a reliable company that provides the flow between supplier and consumer by the right place and time supply of agricultural products which has been the main source of life since the beginning of civilizations with correct logistics strategy, fast operational service.


To provide the sustainable supply chain by providing the products and services that our customers need with our expert team in their fields.


Honesty and accuracy” is the center of our business.

We emphasize the importance of working with confidence in all our suppliers and customers in our business.

We believe that we will grow our business partners, suppliers and customers by equal and fair sharing.

We believe in transparency is necessary to be measured and evaluated.

We know that a successful supply chain is achieved through a hard-working and dynamic organization.

It is BAYEKS AGRO GIDA SAN ve TİC A.Ş’s basic responsibility to constantly improve the quality of each area in the guideline of our customers’ needs and expectations.

We share this responsibility with BAYEKS AGRO GIDA SAN ve TİC A.Ş’s;

– Members

– Customers

– Partners

While fulfilling this responsibility, we will;

– We will meet our customers’ needs and expectations,

– We will invest in people for qualified, conscious individuals who have quality-conscious

– We will be a pioneer of our business partners with modern, dynamic and innovative structure,

– We will fully meet the legal and regulatory requirements,

– We will continuously improve the performance of our quality management system.